Surviving the Terrible Twos
July 1992

“Surviving the Terrible Twos,” Ensign, July 1992, 66

Surviving the Terrible Twos

As the busy parent of young children, I have some days when my perspective takes a battering. I wonder how I’ll make it until bedtime, let alone how I will “endure to the end.” Following are some tactics I use to keep my gospel perspective in focus. Next time your eternal perspective begins to dim, try a few of these attitude boosters:

  1. Treasure each new day’s opportunities. At the same time, realize the temporary nature of most minor problems. A two-year-old will not always be that age. In six months, he’ll be talking more clearly, becoming more independent, and learning to be more cooperative. Earth life is actually very short when compared to eternity.

  2. Remember that relationships are important—more important than dirty dishes, piles of laundry, a poor report card, or a messy room. Sometimes we need to choose relationships over housework.

  3. Establish priorities. If you had only a short time left on earth, how would your priorities change? Set priorities and then match actions to priorities.

  4. Contemplate your blessings. Really ponder and come up with a list as long as you are tall. Be specific. Refer to the list often and show gratitude daily in your prayers and by your deeds.

  5. Develop a good sense of humor. Learn to laugh at yourself, especially at your mistakes. Smile at human weaknesses. Grin at unexpected happenings. A good sense of humor is critical in maintaining a good attitude.

  6. Take care of yourself and take the time to do something you enjoy. Everyone will benefit because you will be happier.

  7. Imagine that the Lord is standing beside you. Your attitude and actions will improve.

  8. Finally, ponder the value of each human life to our Father in Heaven. He has infinite love for each of us and knows our tremendous potential.—Janet L. Brodie, Kendall Park, New Jersey