July 1992

“Triptych,” Ensign, July 1992, 49


The Guilty

Where is the mountain high enough

The ocean deep enough

The desert wide enough

To hide my sin?

Death will not suffice—

I cannot be


Burning torment

Anguish of soul

My God, my God

I hide my face.

The Penitent


Have mercy

On me, a sinner

Forgive, I pray

Take my sin away

I cannot bear it longer.

I would be thine.

Receive my broken heart, I beseech thee,

And give me rest.

The Forgiven

Burning with Light

My soul quivers

At thy touch.

Oh God, my God

God of my fathers

Wonderful, Counsellor,

Prince of Peace.

There is no mountain high enough

Nor ocean deep enough

Nor desert wide enough

To glorify thy name.

Summer Afternoon, by John Hafen; courtesy of the Museum of Church History and Art