Scripture Banquet
July 1992

“Scripture Banquet,” Ensign, July 1992, 67

Scripture Banquet

Primary is focusing on the principle of reverence during 1992. Following is a suggestion to encourage reverence in your home.

Our family has a set of homemade scripture cards that remain on our dining room table from day to day along with the candlesticks and flowers. At dinnertime each night, we take a few minutes before prayer to read, discuss, and memorize a passage of scripture. Because our children are young, sometimes it takes a few days for them to understand and memorize a scripture, even though we keep our selections relatively brief. Once everyone has mastered the scripture, we place a reward sticker on the card and go on to the next one.

We have found that what matters more than how long we study as a family is that we study daily. That way we can focus on the Lord and his gospel each day, even if for a short time.—Joy M. Simco, Oslo, Norway

Illustrated by Steve Kropp