Spice Up Your Rice

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“Spice Up Your Rice,” Ensign, Feb. 1990, 73

Spice Up Your Rice

Now that you’ve stored all that rice in your food storage, will you eat it? Of course! And you can eat it in a variety of flavors.

To make three cups (570 grams) of plain, cooked rice, bring two cups (one-half liter) of water to a boil. Add one-half to one teaspoon salt, then stir in one cup (190 grams) brown or white rice. Reduce heat to lowest setting, cover saucepan, and cook white rice for twenty-five minutes, brown rice for fifty minutes.

To change the flavor, cook the rice in beef or chicken broth instead of water, or add one of the following herbs while cooking: one-eighth teaspoon dried thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, basil, or savory; one-half teaspoon celery seeds or dried dill; seasoned salt in place of salt; three-fourths teaspoon dried marjoram; two teaspoons poppy seeds; or one small bay leaf. You can also substitute vegetable juice cocktail or tomato juice for one cup (240 milliliters) of the cooking water.

For another direction in flavor, use one-half cup (120 milliliters) fruit juice (orange, apple, cherry, pineapple, etc.) in place of one-half cup of the cooking water. Or add a few drops of flavored extracts (orange, lemon, almond, or vanilla) to the water.

You can also dress up cooked rice by adding sliced mushrooms, sauteed onions, crisp bacon pieces, toasted slivered almonds, grated cheese, sour cream, or chopped chives.—Relief Society General Board