Now Hear This!

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“Now Hear This!” Ensign, Feb. 1990, 73

Now Hear This!

At some time, you will probably need to present instructions or information about a specific event in front of a group. Following several simple steps will help you feel more confident and will make your announcements more effective.

  1. Gain the audience’s attention before you begin.

  2. Convey your message with enthusiasm and directness.

  3. Use notes if necessary, but keep eye contact with the audience.

  4. Articulate dates, places, names, times, price of tickets, appropriate dress, and directions to the event so that there can be no misunderstanding.

  5. Explain the purpose of the event. If necessary, provide directions for getting to the event and give the cost of tickets and the place they can be purchased.

  6. Summarize by repeating the time, place, date, and other pertinent information.—Shirlee Hurst Shields, Salt Lake City, Utah