13 Members Die in El Salvador Conflicts

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“13 Members Die in El Salvador Conflicts,” Ensign, Feb. 1990, 80

13 Members Die in El Salvador Conflicts

A total of thirteen Latter-day Saints had been killed in the recent fighting in El Salvador at the time the Ensign news went into production, according to reports received at Church headquarters.

That number understates the effect of the death toll in the country, however, since nonmember relatives have also been killed.

An estimated five thousand members have had their lives disrupted because of the fighting. In addition, seven LDS chapels were reported damaged.

All missionaries are safe. There were no North American missionaries in El Salvador before the most recent urban battles began, and the missionaries from Guatemala and Honduras were also withdrawn, leaving only native missionaries in El Salvador.

Despite this latest flare-up, missionary work has continued during a war that has dragged on for eleven years.