Wilford E. Thatcher: Leaving His Mark

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“Wilford E. Thatcher: Leaving His Mark,” Ensign, Feb. 1990, 71

Wilford E. Thatcher: Leaving His Mark

The scriptures are so close to Wilford E. Thatcher’s heart that he felt impelled to help his forty-three grandchildren develop that same love for the words of eternal life.

He decided on marking a set of scriptures for each child. “I read and mark passages—as well as make notes in the margins—that I believe apply to that child’s life,” he says. I also inscribe my testimony of the great power of the scriptures in the front with this message: ‘I have underlined passages that I think might be a guide and an inspiration to you throughout your life.’”

He usually gives a leather-bound set of scriptures to each grandchild around the age of baptism—“or whenever I can complete my marking,” he smiles. One young granddaughter expressed the anticipation that has grown in the family as a result when—at only six years of age—she asked her mother, “Do you think Grandpa has had time to mark my set of scriptures yet?”

Along with his scripture gifts, Brother Thatcher has been preparing a brief history of his life in the Portland Oregon East Stake, where he has served as stake president and regional representative. He left the area for a few years to serve as mission president with his wife, Estella, in Anchorage, Alaska. They are now home again, where he is serving as stake patriarch.

Wilford Thatcher appreciates the scriptures for enabling him to maintain a high spiritual plane in life. By his example and his gifts of marked scriptures, he has helped his family do the same.

Photo by Philip S. Shurtleff