The ‘Write’ Way to Discipline
March 1989

“The ‘Write’ Way to Discipline,” Ensign, Mar. 1989, 67

The “Write” Way to Discipline

One day while upset with his younger brother, our nine-year-old lashed out with a verbal list of his brother’s faults. This had happened many times before, and it troubled me. But this day I felt inspired to try a more positive approach to solving the problem. I sent my son to his room and told him not to come out until he had written down ten nice things about his younger brother.

When he emerged with the list, his attitude had changed. Looking for the positive had crowded out his negative thoughts and feelings.

We have since used this form of discipline frequently and have found it an effective way to maintain an atmosphere of love in our home. And learning early in life to look for a person’s good qualities will make our children happier and better prepared to get along with others in the future.—Marilyn Whitaker Henrie, Sacramento, California