New Mission Organized in Utah
March 1989

“New Mission Organized in Utah,” Ensign, Mar. 1989, 74

New Mission Organized in Utah

Three missions have been operating in Utah since the beginning of the year—Utah Ogden, Utah Salt Lake City, and Utah Provo. Their boundaries correspond with the Church’s Utah North, Utah Central, and Utah South areas, created in 1988.

The Utah Provo Mission was formed from the old Utah Salt Lake City South Mission, now called the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. The Utah Provo Mission includes Utah, Duchesne, and Uintah counties, a part of Daggett County, all of the counties south of these in Utah (except for the lower half of San Juan County), and small parts of Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. George E. Magnusson, a retired educator from Torrance, California, is serving as mission president.

V. Dallas Merrell continues as president of the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. The boundaries of this mission enclose an area that includes the Great Salt Lake Desert, part of the Uintah Mountains and northeastern Utah, the Tooele Valley, and the Salt Lake Valley.

E. Widtsoe Shumway, who had been presiding over the Utah Salt Lake City North Mission, continues as president in the renamed Utah Ogden Mission. The mission’s headquarters have been moved from Salt Lake City to Ogden. The mission covers most of northern Utah, the southeastern corner of Idaho, and the southwestern corner of Wyoming.

Map of Utah