Cassettes Offer Hymnbook Full of Music
March 1989

“Cassettes Offer Hymnbook Full of Music,” Ensign, Mar. 1989, 79

Cassettes Offer Hymnbook Full of Music

If you find yourself singing LDS hymns around the house or on the way to work, you’ll probably enjoy a new set of audiocassette tapes available through the Church distribution centers. They contain recordings of all the sacred music in Hymns, the book used by LDS congregations throughout the English-speaking world.

Entitled simply Hymns, the recordings are offered in either music-only or words-and-music versions. Michael F. Moody, chairman of the Church’s General Music Committee, explained that the tapes are designed to help those who do not read music, as well as the visually handicapped, enjoy the LDS hymns outside of Church. But they may also be used to accompany families, Church groups, or classes when a pianist is not available.

The music-only version of the hymns features a piano with string and instrumental accompaniment. The words-plus-music version adds well-enunciated singing by a small number of singers with strong, clear voices. Musical introductions and all the verses of each hymn are performed on both versions.

Each audio volume of Hymns is a set of eighteen cassettes. Volume 1, the words-plus-music version, is stock number VVOT1758 in distribution centers; volume 2, the music-only version, is stock number VVOT2976. Each volume costs $15.00.

Meetinghouse libraries should stock copies of the recordings.