Deaf Singles Conference Held in Los Angeles

“Deaf Singles Conference Held in Los Angeles,” Ensign, Oct. 1988, 79

Deaf Singles Conference Held in Los Angeles

The first singles conference for deaf Latter-day Saints was held in Los Angeles, California, on July 8–10.

Nearly one hundred single members with hearing impairments attended the three-day conference, the theme of which was “Feast for Friendship.”

Participants registered Friday, July 8, at the Westwood Ward chapel, then attended an afternoon session at the Los Angeles Temple. A get-acquainted party was held that evening.

On Saturday, a series of seminars was held at the Chatsworth stake center. Seminar subjects included prayer, spiritual security, exaltation, missionary work, and studying the Book of Mormon. Other seminars reflected the needs of deaf single adults in activities such as career planning, single parenting, preparing for emergencies, and physical exercise.

Fifteen seminar speakers offered their advice and counsel. Only two of the speakers had normal hearing: William Vincent, former president of the Chatsworth stake; and Doug Hind, manager of the Special Curriculum and Coordination Committee for Church Members with Special Needs.

At a sacrament and testimony meeting Sunday morning in the San Fernando Valley (Deaf) Ward chapel, Brother Gerald Iba, regional representative of the San Fernando and Cerritos regions, spoke.

Brother Iba stressed that the two great commandments to love God and to love your neighbor applied not only to members of the Church, but to everyone. “Friendship and kindness are like a blacksmith making a chain, one link connected to another,” he said, speaking through an interpreter. He challenged those at the conference to share what they had learned and to continue the friendships they had made there.

Correspondent: Lucille R. Blackwell is Primary president and public relations coordinator of the San Fernando Valley (Deaf) Ward, Los Angeles California Chatsworth Stake.

Norman and Heidi Shipley use sign language to present a “How to Prepare for Disasters” seminar. (Photo by Laura Bowman.)

Beverly Whetten (left) in discussion with other panelists, from left: Kathy Sutton, Marcie Duge, and Joy Ann Burdett, during “Feast for Friendship” conference. (Photo by Laura Bowman.)