You’re Doing the Right Thing

“You’re Doing the Right Thing,” Ensign, Oct. 1988, 43–44

“You’re Doing the Right Thing”

Since my baptism after I graduated from high school, my life has never been happier, never more fulfilled. My love for the Church is deep and real.

As I studied the scriptures, prayed, and served in various callings and activities, my testimony grew even stronger. As I learned to use the gift of the Holy Ghost, I was blessed to know how true and how exciting the gospel is. I was sure nothing could ever shake my faith—until an anti-Mormon television show was aired on our local Christian station. I saw only part of it, but I felt terrible watching it, and afterward I felt angry and scared. I thought, “How could anyone say things like that about us? We don’t believe those lies!”

The empty, dark feelings I had experienced while watching the show stayed with me, A frightening thought came: what if the Church isn’t true? In spite of the blessings my Church membership had brought into my life, I was tempted to begin doubting it.

A few days later my husband, Paul, felt inspired to ask me if I’d like to go to the temple. This was no easy task, as the nearest temple from where we were living at the time was six hundred miles away, in Washington, D.C. Could we just pack up and go?

I thought about it and prayed very hard. Yes, I finally decided, I needed this trip.

We decided to fly there instead of taking the time to drive. We had just enough money to afford the trip, with a few dollars left over.

The peaceful feeling I felt at the temple was wonderful. But I still had questions. Exactly what was I doing there? What was the temple, or for that matter, the Church, really all about?

I went through the first session wondering “Why?” Then, on the next session, I was able to relax and concentrate more on what was happening.

When I least expected it, an answer came. I could feel the presence of a warm, loving spirit that seemed to say, “You’re doing the right thing.” This calm reassurance instantly wiped away all of my doubts.

I had been confounded by the adversary’s propaganda, but I am grateful for that struggle. My testimony of this church is stronger now than ever before.