Church Magazines to be Polywrapped, Mailed Together

“Church Magazines to be Polywrapped, Mailed Together,” Ensign, Oct. 1988, 80

Church Magazines to be Polywrapped, Mailed Together

Beginning with the November and December issues, Church magazines mailed to subscribers in the United States and Canada will be commingled and polywrapped. This means that all Church magazines going to the same address will be packaged together in a single, protective polyurethane bag and will arrive at subscribers’ homes at the same time.

Mailing a single package will reduce postage and handling costs and help keep subscription rates as low as possible. The polywrap will also reduce the possibility of damage to the magazines during the delivery process. Further, instead of addressing each magazine individually, an ink-jet printer will label only one in each package.

This new mailing system makes it imperative that Church magazines have accurate addresses for their subscribers. When subscribers move, they should cut out an old address label and return it with the appropriate change of address information to ensure that the right magazines will be sent to the new address.

Anyone who has questions about the new magazine mailing system may call 1-800-453-3860 outside of Utah, or, for those living in Utah, 1-800-662-3756. Ask for Magazine Circulation.