Area Presidency Assignments

    “Area Presidency Assignments,” Ensign, Oct. 1988, 75

    Area Presidency Assignments

    The First Presidency has announced area presidency assignments for members of the First Quorum of the Seventy. The assignments were effective August 15.

    Fourteen members of the quorum (noted with asterisks) are now serving in their new assignments. The others remain in the positions in which they have been serving.

    Utah North: President—J. Thomas Fyans; Counselors—William R. Bradford and Victor L. Brown

    Utah South: President—Vaughn J. Featherstone; Counselors—Paul H. Dunn and Russell C. Taylor

    North America Northwest: President—Rex C. Reeve; Counselors—Robert B. Harbertson and L. Lionel Kendrick*

    North America West: President—Gene R. Cook; Counselors—Ted E. Brewerton and Derek A. Cuthbert*

    North America Southwest: President—H. Burke Peterson; Counselors—Ronald E. Poelman and Devere Harris

    North America Central: President—Loren C. Dunn; Counselors—Jacob de Jager* and John Sonnenberg*

    North America Northeast: President—John K. Carmack; Counselors—Keith W. Wilcox and F. Burton Howard*

    North America Southeast: President—Rex D. Pinegar; Counselors—J. Richard Clarke* and Robert E. Sackley*

    Mexico/Central America: President—Robert E. Wells; Counselors—H. Verlan Andersen and Gardner H. Russell

    South America North: President—Charles Didier; Counselors—Angel Abrea and Hartman Rector, Jr.*

    Brazil: President—Francis M. Gibbons; Counselors—Helio R. Camargo and Lynn A. Sorensen

    South America South: President—Waldo P. Call; Counselors—John H Groberg and L. Aldin Porter

    Pacific: President—F. Arthur Kay*; Counselors—Glen L. Rudd* and Douglas J. Martin*

    Philippines/Micronesia: President—George I. Cannon; Counselors—George R. Hill III and Philip T. Sonntag*

    United Kingdom/Ireland/Africa: President—Jack H. Goaslind; Counselors—Spencer H. Osborn and Alexander B. Morrison

    Europe: President—Carlos E. Asay; Counselors—Hans B. Ringger and John R. Lasater

    Asia: President—Douglas H. Smith*; Counselors—Adney Y. Komatsu and Royden G. Derrick