New Handbook Offers Added Helps for Primary

“New Handbook Offers Added Helps for Primary,” Ensign, July 1986, 77

New Handbook Offers Added Helps for Primary

A revised Primary Handbook, including a new section on small Primaries, is now available.

The new handbook contains information that has appeared in the Church Bulletins published since 1982, said Virginia Cannon, first counselor in the Primary general presidency. “A new four-page section deals specifically with the needs of Primaries in smaller Church units. Guidelines are given for the organization of a Primary in a ward or branch that contains as few as three children,” said Sister Cannon.

The handbook outlines the Primary’s purpose and goals, lists the duties and responsibilities of ward and stake leaders, and defines procedures, programs, and policies.

It is available at no cost through distribution centers. The stock number is PEPR0095.