Video Helps Denver Members Share Meaning of Temple

“Video Helps Denver Members Share Meaning of Temple,” Ensign, July 1986, 74

Video Helps Denver Members Share Meaning of Temple

In preparation for the opening and dedication of the Denver Temple, members in the area are using a new videotape to help interested non-Latter-day Saints learn about temples and their purposes.

The intent is to acquaint the public with the LDS temple in preparation for the public open house sessions that will be scheduled before the temple is dedicated, said Larry McFarlane, Denver multiregion public communications director.

The twelve-minute videotape has been shown to service groups, congregations of other faiths, and to non-LDS neighbors by Saints in the area, he added.

A speakers bureau has been organized to handle the showing to groups that request it. Linda Blaser, who heads the bureau, said one of seventy members assigned to help will introduce the tape to groups requesting a showing and answer questions after the presentation.

The narration on the videotape, which offers interior and exterior views of LDS temples, emphasizes that the sacred edifices are “built to further the teachings of Christianity.”

The videotape briefly refers to the history of temples for ancient Israelites and for Latter-day Saints. It explains the significance of marriage in the temple, baptism for the dead, and the uniting of families for eternity.

“I have attended several high school comparative religion classes to show the videotape,” Sister Blaser said. “Those kids are terrific.” Most of them are active in their own Christian faiths, she added. “I think the first thing they realize is that we are Christians, too.”

Seventh-day Adventist, Baptist, Buddhist, Presbyterian, and RLDS congregations have been among church groups requesting showings of the videotape.