Holy Land Posters Depict Bible Sites

“Holy Land Posters Depict Bible Sites,” Ensign, July 1986, 80

Holy Land Posters Depict Bible Sites

A set of high-quality, full-color posters with 159 photographs depicting historic sites in the Holy Land is now available to Church units and members as a Bible study aid.

Color photographs on the glossy posters are aerial views of sites in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Their value as a study tool is enhanced by two other items which can be used in conjunction with them. One is a document, prepared by LDS scholars, containing descriptive material about the sites; it also refers readers to the Bible Dictionary entry for each of the sites that is mentioned in that reference work. The ten-page document is being furnished with the photographic poster set.

The other item is a separate set of two posters containing a satellite view of the Holy Land on which the location of each of the 159 historic sites is marked.

The photographic posters and the accompanying satellite overview have been prepared through the efforts of Dr. Richard Cleave, an English medical doctor whose private pictorial archive on the Holy Land is said to be the largest in the world.

While the photographic posters are valuable study aids, some who have purchased the set also display them on walls in their homes because of the beauty of the scenes depicted.

The eight photographic posters show scenes in thirty-two different geographic areas of the Holy Land. The entire set, including the ten pages of descriptive material, costs $15.00, and the two-poster satellite overview of the Holy Land costs $5.00. Both can be purchased through the Salt Lake Distribution Center. The stock number for the photographic poster set is VVIS1463, and for the satellite photo set, VVIS1452.

The Plain of Rafah

The Plain of Rafah, with Mount Sinai in the background, is among the poster views available to members. (Photo by Richard Cleave.)