Missionary Planning/Reporting Forms Are Now Standardized

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“Missionary Planning/Reporting Forms Are Now Standardized,” Ensign, Mar. 1982, 78

Missionary Planning/Reporting Forms Are Now Standardized

In order to simplify and improve missionary goal-setting and reporting, the Church has standardized a new Missionary Weekly Planner/Weekly Record of Proselyting Results, as well as a new Missionary Weekly Report. All full-time missionaries will use this system, which replaces the Missionary Report to the Full-time or Stake Mission President and any other reports or forms developed by individual missions.

The Missionary Weekly Planner/Weekly Record of Proselyting Results can be folded and carried in the missionary’s shirt or coat pocket. The missionary can then refer to the planner and record the results of his proselyting. He will include a summary of this proselyting record in the Missionary Weekly Report to the mission president.

The new reporting system offers a number of advantages to mission presidents and missionaries:

1. Uniformity. The system provides uniform terminology for referring to proselyting results; it also allows standardized training at Missionary Training Centers.

2. Conversion and retention oriented. Missionaries are encouraged to increase the size of their teaching pool, to work toward a greater number of discussions resulting in return appointments or baptism, and to support member involvement in missionary activity. The system also encourages missionaries to ensure that converts have attended sacrament meetings and have completed the standard discussions.

3. Simplicity. The mission president receives accurate summary information regarding each missionary’s proselyting efforts.

4. Reliability. Information on the standardized form can be measured accurately.

5. Economy. The forms are available to full-time missions without charge from the Salt Lake City Distribution Center. (Copies of the forms in non-English languages will be available as soon as they are translated and printed.)

Stake missions may also find the new system useful in improving goal-setting and reporting among stake missionaries and in their work with the full-time missionaries. Forms may be ordered by stake missions through the Salt Lake City Distribution Center at a nominal cost.

Missionary Weekly Planner on one side, Weekly Record of Proselyting Results on the other. Missionaries use this form to record proselyting goals, indicate results. Missionary Weekly Report keeps mission president informed on each missionary’s proselyting activities, time use, personal expenses.