Pageants Scheduled Worldwide

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“Pageants Scheduled Worldwide,” Ensign, Mar. 1982, 80

Pageants Scheduled Worldwide

The 1982 schedule of Church pageants has been announced. Their locations, titles, and dates follow.

Mesa, Arizona: “Jesus the Christ,” April 6–9, on the temple grounds near the visitors’ center.

Independence, Missouri: “Families Are Forever,” June 17–19, behind the Independence Visitors’ Center.

Oakland, California: “And It Came to Pass,” July 20–24, 27–31, at the Interstake Center on Temple Hill.

Manti, Utah: “Mormon Miracle,” July 8–10, 13–17, on Temple Hill.

Palmyra, New York: “America’s Witness for Christ,” July 23–24, 27–31, at the Hill Cumorah.

Nauvoo, Illinois: “City of Joseph,” August 10–14, near the visitors’ center.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada: “Nativity Pageant,” December 18–27, at Heritage Park.

A pageant has also been planned for Idaho Falls, Idaho, with details to be announced at a later date.

The oldest of the pageants is the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, which will be in its forty-sixth year in 1982. Some 110,000 persons attended its seven performances in 1981. The Mesa pageant, attended by 48,000 in 1981, will be in its forty-fifth year. Manti’s pageant, now in its seventeenth year, draws the largest crowds; 125,000 people attended its eight performances last year.

While many who attend the pageants are members of the Church, most performances draw large numbers of nonmembers.