New Pioneer

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“New Pioneer,” Ensign, Mar. 1982, 69

New Pioneer

1982 Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest 1st Place Winner

I don’t till the earth

sweating under a new sun

crying from blisters just begun

all day

six days

because I was cast out of the Garden.

I don’t flee my home

sweating in an icy night

fearful, thankful for my life

all night

one dreadful night

because my neighbors drove me out.

I don’t walk prairie miles

sweating under desert sun

choking dust behind wagons

all day

six days

because my home is somewhere ahead.

I don’t kneel, rocking my baby

afraid, hoping he won’t die

praying he will stay strong, alive

all day

seven days

because he could die, like my last two did.

I fight in Satan’s last battle

for the spirit of each child

holding hands with God

all day

every day.

Our victory is Eternal.