Keeping Pace

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“Keeping Pace,” Ensign, Mar. 1982, 80

Keeping Pace

Primary Publishes Helps for Sharing Time.

Sharing time has become an important part of Sunday Primary. Conducted by the Primary presidency, sharing time is a thirty-minute period during which children participate in inspirational presentations, singing time, and other appropriate activities designed to help children learn to live gospel principles.

This month, The Primary Sharing Time Resource Manual will be available through the Salt Lake City Distribution Center. The manual offers guidelines, suggestions, and examples of suitable sharing-time presentations.

The manual, prepared in loose-leaf form for easy insertion of additional resource materials, is divided into two sections. The first part discusses teaching techniques designed to help the teacher develop individualized presentations; the second section presents specific ideas for sharing-time activities. The ideas can be used as outlined or adapted to fit the size of the Primary and the children’s cultural background and ages.