And They Shall Love You
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“And They Shall Love You,” Ensign, Feb. 1982, 5

“And They Shall Love You”

Baptistry, London Temple, Lingfield, Surrey

Twice into the bowels of the font,

Broadly smiling, strong,

He bows me back

(I bend my knees),

Immersing me for Margaret and Johanna.

His beaming smile spreads:

“Did you feel them?”

“Maybe someday,” I apologize.

“They were here,”

His eyes are so alive.

“I suppose you often feel that way,

Don’t you?”

“Oh, no. Not often. Sometimes when the Spirit testifies.”

I bless his glowing face.

“Today your aunts were here.”

Defined there in the water’s warm embrace,

I radiate his smile. I mount and rise.