Music Helps for Church Organists, Pianists, Families
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“Music Helps for Church Organists, Pianists, Families,” Ensign, Feb. 1982, 79

Music Helps for Church Organists, Pianists, Families

“Sometimes I feel that we get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer.” (J. Reuben Clark, in Conference Report, Oct. 1936, p. 111.)

In the spirit of President Clark’s words, over the past few years the Church has produced a number of aids to assist members in their Church music callings and to help families make gospel music an enjoyable part of home life. The following are available at Church distribution centers.

For Organists and Pianists

Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ (PBMU0417, $.60 each). Thirty-five familiar LDS hymns arranged as prelude music at varying levels of difficulty. Selections can also be used as postludes, solos, choir and congregational accompaniment. Includes suggested organ stops.

Hymn Preludes for Piano (PBMU0348, $.60 each). A collection of nineteen short hymn arrangements written as prelude music. Many can be easily adapted for use on the organ.

Hymns, Simplified Accompaniments (PBMU0133, $6.20 each). Contains 152 simplified arrangements of hymns from the current hymnbook. Many are transposed into lower keys, making them easier to sing. Can be used by the organist while the choir or congregation sings from the standard hymnbook.

For Home Use

Songs and Hymns for Latter-day Saints (Records and booklet, PCS10149, $7.25 per set; cassettes and booklet, PCS1015A, $7.25 per set; booklet, PCS10160, $.25 each). A set of seven cassettes or records of thirty standard Latter-day Saint hymns and thirty children’s songs. One side of each cassette or record presents the hymns and songs sung in unison with piano accompaniment. The opposite side is a recording of the same hymns and songs with piano accompaniment only. The set also includes a booklet containing all of the words to the hymns and songs, printed in large type. Tempos of some songs are slower than normal to aid learning.

Heritage of Hymns, Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus (Record, PSPC0304, $3.55 each; cassette, PSPC1056, $4.00 each). Rendition of eleven favorite hymns performed by the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus. Hymns include “The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” “How Gentle God’s Command,” “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.”

Filmstrip: Worthy Music, Worthy Thoughts (VVOF1293, $2.00 each). Based on Elder Boyd K. Packer’s talk at the October 1973 general conference, the presentation draws an analogy between cleaning weeds out of an irrigation ditch and ridding the mind of impure thoughts and replacing them with hymns. Includes a discussion of what constitutes worthy music. Fifteen minutes. This filmstrip should also be available in ward meetinghouse libraries.

Record: Like Unto Us (PJSI0443, $1.50 each). A record of contemporary songs written for the Seminary Book of Mormon course. Suitable for youth and families.

Record: The Quest (PKSI0664, $3.00 each). Two-record set of pioneer songs and contemporary songs written for the Seminary Church History course. Suitable for youth and families.

Record: Gates of Zion (PHSI0543, $3.00 each). Two-record set of contemporary songs written for the Seminary Old Testament course. Suitable for youth and families.