A Suitable Place

    “A Suitable Place,” Ensign, Feb. 1982, inside front cover

    A Suitable Place

    I have need to climb a lofty hill

    And in the desert kneel

    To call upon my Lord on fervent prayer,

    That I may feel his touch,

    Perchance may see his face,

    And beg of him the fullness of his light

    By which the truth of life is known,

    That I may walk a path devoid of error.

    Yet, the days continue sliding by,

    And I have not been up into the hills;

    And life continues in a murky world,

    And I must pray wherever I may be

    For help with all the little daily pains,

    For strength to fight the little sins

    That bar me from my Savior’s touch,

    That blind me to his kindly face.