General Activities Workshops
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“General Activities Workshops,” Ensign, Feb. 1982, 79–80

General Activities Workshops

Are you looking for an appealing way to fellowship members or friendship nonmembers? Do you need an opportunity for creative people in your ward or stake to share their talents? Do you want to help your people enjoy greater physical fitness?

If so, the General Activities Committee may have the answer. From January through August of 1982, the Cultural Arts area of the General Activities Committee has scheduled training sessions on music composition, roadshows, plays and play festivals, musical productions for the handicapped, productions for special needs, puppet shows, dance, dance and arts festivals, variety shows, directing, children’s theatre (on fantasy, pioneer, and adventure themes), and a children’s heritage arts fair and science fair. Printed information and instructions for these and other workshops held during the 1981 year are available upon request to the Activities Committee, Floor 20, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, according to Pat Davis, cultural arts director.

Also, the Physical Activities arm of the General Activities Committee, under the direction of Clark T. Thorstenson, has planned a training workshop for 1 April 1982, in practical physical fitness activities that can be performed in the home, the community, and the church. Particular attention will be given to activities for the homebound, the handicapped, the elderly, the individual, and groups. Also available is a physical fitness awards program explained in a brochure titled Physical Fitness Awards Program, available on request or from Church distribution centers (stock No. PBAC0271, 10 cents). One of the goals of the Physical Activities area is to continue to provide the sports program for members of the Church.

In the workshops scheduled during general conference weekend of April 1982, the General Activities Committee will focus on new ideas for family-oriented, inexpensive activities.