Time for Sunday
June 1981

“Time for Sunday,” Ensign, June 1981, 6–9, 12

Time for Sunday

The Church has enjoyed the consolidated meeting schedule for over a year now. Following, four families explain how they are using their extra time on Sundays, how the rest of their week has improved, too, and what they’ve learned about preparing for Sunday and keeping it holy—even on special occasions.

Let’s Talk about It

After reading the three articles included in “Time for Sunday” individually or as a family, you may wish to discuss some of the following questions during a gospel study period:

1. Have you considered planning a family schedule for Sundays? What things would you include?

2. What kinds of activities do you think your family should engage in on Sundays?

3. Have you noticed any Sunday or weekday benefits of the consolidated meeting schedule? What can you do to take even greater advantage of the extra time?

4. Are there other things besides the ideas listed in “Keeping Sunday Holy” you can do to be ready for Sunday?

5. Do you have nonmember relatives or friends who visit you on Sundays? What approach would be most appropriate for you to take in each situation in order to keep the Sabbath day holy?

6. What kinds of situations might disrupt a normal Sabbath in your home? How can you plan now to deal with them appropriately?

Illustrations by Phyllis Luch