Policies and Announcements
June 1981

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, June 1981, 79

Policies and Announcements

The following items were published in the Bulletin, April 1981:

Single Adult Activities. Local priesthood leaders should be careful to ensure proper conduct at single adult activities, especially dances. Dances and other activities should be under the direction of priesthood officers. They should be properly chaperoned to see that participants are members in good standing and that they adhere to Church standards. Screening at the door may be necessary in areas that experience difficulties. Every single adult activity should be uplifting and wholesome, and those who attend should be able to do so with confidence that other participants will support Church standards.

Organizational structure and other suggestions regarding single adult activities are found in Guidelines for Single Adult Activities (PMBP0145), available at Church distribution centers.

Primary Classes Beginning January 1982. Children will advance to the next classes in January 1982. They will be enrolled according to their ages as of 1 January 1982. For example, if a child is three years of age by 1 January 1982, he will be enrolled in the Sunbeam class. If a child turns three after 1 January 1982, he will wait until the next January to be enrolled in the Sunbeam class. Primary enrollment will no longer follow school cut-off dates.

The Primary Presidency, in consultation with ward priesthood leaders and the parents, should decide on any exceptions to this rule. Before making any exceptions, they should carefully consider the long-range implications of having a child remain in a younger class or advance to an older one. (If a child is allowed to enter a class younger than his age, he will turn twelve before completing the Primary curriculum. If a child is advanced into a class before he has reached the age for that class, he will need to repeat part of the Primary curriculum before he turns twelve.)