Windproof Table Settings
June 1981

“Windproof Table Settings,” Ensign, June 1981, 55

Windproof Table Settings

A picnic cloth with pockets that hold flatware helps solve a windy-day problem. To make this table cover, measure table and allow for a seven-inch drop on each side. Stitch narrow bands of fabric on the drop, leaving top seams unstitched. Then stitch the bands vertically to form individual pockets for flatware.

Table runners won’t blow away when the ends are fastened around heavy dowels. Cut lengths of plastic or cloth to fit the table, allowing a ten-to-twelve-inch drop at each end. Staple or sew a one-inch dowel, cut two inches longer than width of fabric, to each end. Place flatware over napkins to prevent blowing away. Low tumblers are a good choice also.

Photography by Marilyn E. Péo