Do Your Little Ones Deserve Less?
June 1981

“Do Your Little Ones Deserve Less?” Ensign, June 1981, 45

“Do Your Little Ones Deserve Less?”

The morning seemed like one endless round of interruptions from my four preschoolers. By noon—with the breakfast dishes still on the table—I thought I’d lose all patience.

“Please don’t ask me another question until after I get the house straightened!” I pleaded. But the interruptions continued, and I knew I needed help.

I made a hasty retreat to the bedroom, and on bended knees prayed for patience—and for a cooperative spirit to be with my children.

Heavenly Father answered my prayer—but not in the way I’d expected. The words came forcibly to mind: “I answer your questions and hear your pleas at all hours of the day and night. I don’t say, ‘I’m busy now; talk to me about it tonight at 10:30.’ Do your little ones deserve less from you?”

I left the bedroom, humbled and grateful, and gathered my little ones around me. We talked, answered questions, and enjoyed the closeness of each other, surrounded by the warm, comforting spirit of a benevolent Father in Heaven.

The dishes weren’t washed until evening, and the house still resembled a bombing zone. But the most important things had been accomplished that day: my children knew that I loved them and that I had time to listen to them and answer their questions. Eileen D. Telford, Everett, Washington