Eleven Area Conferences Planned
June 1979

“Eleven Area Conferences Planned,” Ensign, June 1979, 77–78

Eleven Area Conferences Planned

A revised schedule for area conferences in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia has been announced by the First Presidency.

Eleven area conferences are scheduled for the second half of 1979, including several whose schedules have been revised since they were first announced in 1978.

The schedule consists of the following conferences, for the areas indicated:

Houston, Texas, June 23–24, in the Summit, for members in all regions and missions in Texas and in the Las Cruces New Mexico Stake.

Madison, Wisconsin, August 4–5, in the Coliseum, for members in the Chicago, Des Moines, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis regions and the Chicago, Minneapolis, and Des Moines missions.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 25–26, in the Maple Leaf Garden Center, for members in the Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto regions and Montreal and Toronto missions.

Washington, D.C., September 8–9, in the Capitol Center, for members in the Capitol, Potomac, Richmond, Roanoke, Philadelphia, and Gettysburg regions and Washington, D.C., Roanoke, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg missions.

Atlanta, Georgia, September 22–23, in the Civic Center; regions and missions involved will be announced later.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 20–21, in the Chrysler Arena; regions and missions involved will be announced later.

Los Angeles, California, May 1980; rescheduled from previously announced date of 17–18 November 1979.

Auckland, New Zealand, November 24–25, at Wellington Park, for members in the Christchurch and Wellington regions and missions.

Melbourne, Australia, November 28–29, at Dallas Brooks Hall, for members in the Melbourne and Tasmania regions and the Melbourne mission.

Adelaide, Australia, November 30, at the Apollo Basketball Stadium for members in the Adelaide and Perth regions and missions.

Sydney, Australia, December 1–2, in the Sydney Opera House, for members in the Brisbane and Sydney regions and missions.