June 1979

“Mirthright,” Ensign, June 1979, 39


My two grandsons, Tony and Christopher, were playing outside. Christopher, five years old, came running to his mother crying. When she asked him what happened, he said, “Tony hit me.” She asked quietly, “Did you hit him?”


“Did you kick him?”


Just then Tony came in and his mother asked him why he hit his little brother. Tony answered, “He threw sand at me.”

Christopher stopped crying, looked at his mother calmly, and said, “I didn’t lie; you just didn’t guess it.”

Mrs. Jonah Evans
Malad, Idaho

One bright December afternoon as my companion and I were returning from a baptism service, I stepped on the bus with my flip charts and baptism form pad in hand. While I signed the necessary forms in triplicate, an old gentleman beside me watched curiously. Before I could ask him the golden questions, he inquired, “How much are your Christmas cards, young man?”

Elder Lewis Nelson
Villahermosa Mexico Mission

Recently, during the reverence presentation, the Primary counselor was trying to stress the importance of the home. She asked the children where they would most like to be, of all the places in the world, if they were sick and tired and hungry.

My five-year-old son promptly answered sincerely, “In bed, eating!”

Richard J. Kingdon
So. Haven, Michigan

One day my four-year-old son and I were discussing his future mission call. To arouse more interest in the subject, I mentioned several countries where a missionary might serve. The list included Finland, New Zealand, England, and Ireland.

Then I asked him where he would like to go someday on his mission. Following a short pause, he replied, “Disneyland.”

Linda Record
Santa Barbara, California

During our Social Relations lesson in Relief Society, a sister was giving a presentation on Eve. Pointing out the similarities between her life and ours, she asked, “Can you think of any commandments we have today that Eve didn’t have in her day?”

A hand went up. “Yes!” a sister replied, “Genealogy!”

Rosemary Park Peck
Provo, Utah

My brother and I were sitting at the table taking turns reading the Book of Mormon aloud. My two-year-old son, sitting on his uncle’s lap, grew impatient, wriggled, and finally looked up into his uncle’s face: “Say ‘Amen’ Uncle Bob!”

Joyce Weaver
Long Beach, California

At a recent stake priesthood meeting, our stake president was expounding on missionary work. He told all attending priesthood holders that the presidency had committed to approximately two hundred and forty baptisms for the year.

He stated that there were about five hundred priesthood members present at this meeting and that this would mean about one baptism for every two men.

About this time a beaming bishop spoke up, stating that he had an upcoming baptism that very week. Without a pause, the president smiled and said firmly, “Good! That takes care of you and me. Now the rest of you better get busy!”

Keith Kiel
Daytona Beach, Florida

My sister Jill was getting her three-year-old, Becca, dressed for Easter Sunday.

“What’s Easter?” Becca asked.

Recognizing a teaching moment, Jill replied, “Easter is when we celebrate Jesus Christ coming back to earth after he died.”

Without hesitation Becca quickly replied, “He can stay with us.”

Lorraine Conger
Provo, Utah

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney