Additional Reader’s Digest Inserts Planned
June 1979

“Additional Reader’s Digest Inserts Planned,” Ensign, June 1979, 77

Additional Reader’s Digest Inserts Planned

The Church will publish four additional advertising inserts in the Reader’s Digest during 1979. Four were published in 1978.

The first in the 1979 series, “7 Keys to Mormonism,” deals more directly with Church doctrine than did the 1978 inserts. The Articles of Faith are included on the back cover.

The insert scheduled for the June issue uses the Word of Wisdom to explain revelation and prophets. The September insert explains the plan of salvation and genealogy work. The Savior is the focus of the insert in the December issue.

Readers can send for free copies of the previous inserts as well as for free tracts. A print of a nativity painting will be available at no cost with the December insert.