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“Psalm,” Ensign, Apr. 1978, 19


Thy word is boundless,

Oh God,

And thy work eternal.

Thy love reaches out

Beyond the farthest stars.

In my despair, Oh Lord,

Thou dost reach through

To the center of me

And there dost cup thy hand

About the flickering candle

Of my soul.

Thy word is eternal

Oh God,

And I rejoice in

The soft word of my salvation.

Thy heart delighteth in

The soul of man

And thou hast heaped up treasures

Of gold in kind hearts

And diamonds in loving hands.

Thou shalt turn him about

That he linger no more

With the world—

That he hunger no more

For that which fails.

Yea, thou makest man to grow

In thy light—

To prosper and be satisfied

Only in thy ways.

Oh, Lord God, turn thy children

From paths of dust

To eternal ways of righteousness.

Then teach me to fill my heart

With the forgotten, whose

Spirits fail;

Teach me

To cup mine hand about their hearts,

To kindle their soul-flames


That thy glory

May fold them about

And see them safe

Into eternity.