Church Sponsors Series of Reader’s Digest Inserts
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“Church Sponsors Series of Reader’s Digest Inserts,” Ensign, Apr. 1978, 80

Church Sponsors Series of Reader’s Digest Inserts

Fifty million readers will have a chance to ask themselves this month if their family life might be happier.

An eight-page insert in the April issue of the Reader’s Digest will ask the question, “Can You Have a Happier Family Life?” The Church is sponsoring a series of inserts in the magazine.

The initial insert will feature the family home evening program. The insert will run in the U.S. and German editions of the Digest, which have a combined readership of 50,480,000. Subsequent inserts will appear in the June, September, and December issues.

The April insert has a threefold purpose, says Heber G. Wolsey, managing director of Public Communications for the Church.

“First, we hope to contribute to a general strengthening of family life. Second, we want to suggest some specific ways families can be happier. And finally, we hope readers of the little pull-out booklet will better understand the Church.”

The insert gives tips on showing love and affection and includes a “Family Strength Self-Quiz” to help the reader gauge the strength of his family.