A Spirit of Order
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“A Spirit of Order,” Ensign, Apr. 1978, 27

A Spirit of Order

Primary day is like a second Sunday in our home. It has been that way ever since I received a witness that Primary is a program from our Heavenly Father.

That witness came to me in a Primary preparation meeting. I had had the feeling that the meeting was going to provide me with a spiritual feast, and I was not disappointed. As the Spirit whispered to me, I knew that I needed to get my spiritual and physical house in order on Monday so that Tuesday, our Primary day, would be as free as possible from regular household chores and problems.

Monday became a twin sister to Saturday as I anticipated my family’s needs by cleaning, cooking, washing, and preparing for the following day. My family supported me as I prepared my Primary lesson and then presented it to them as part of our family home evening. Often, my Primary Star A class benefitted from my family’s suggestions.

When Tuesday came, everything was in order. The Spirit was invited into our home as we came together in family prayer. With my husband, Martin, off to work, and our seven-year-old Michelle off to school, I would put the finishing touches on my week-long lesson preparation, and then make some telephone calls to ensure that all would be well for the Primary meeting. Then I sought an even greater outpouring of the Spirit by reading and studying the scriptures. Finally, before leaving for Primary with three-year-old Michael, I would set the table in advance for our evening meal, complete with the best china and fresh flowers.

I never cease to feel that Primary day belongs to the Lord, and that should he knock at our door, I could happily invite him in.

  • Alyce Dashee Funk, a homemaker, is Relief Society homemaking leader, a visiting teacher, Sunday School teacher, and a Primary teacher in the Polacca Ward, Holbrook Arizona Stake.