Crib Sheets Are Thrifty
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“Crib Sheets Are Thrifty,” Ensign, Mar. 1978, 56

Crib Sheets Are Thrifty

With our second baby due, I wanted to buy some new crib sheets, since the old sheets were getting worn. But I was shocked by the prices! Then I had an idea. I bought some good quality no-iron fitted double bed sheets at a sale and made two crib sheets from each double sheet! Not only did I save money, but I had a much better crib sheet.

To make two sheets from one:

1. Unfold fitted sheet.

2. Measure length of crib (it should be the same as the width of the fitted sheet if you have a standard crib).

3. Measure width of crib and add seven inches (or the depth of the fitted corners of the double sheet).

4. Cut the fitted sheet according to your measurements. Now you have two smaller sheets, each with two fitted corners and two unfinished corners. You may also have a little strip of extra material, which is great for quilting squares.

5. Finish each of the unfinished corners as follows: Make a dart (about 1 1/2″ at the widest point). Trim dart seam to 3/8″ and press open.

6. Cut corner slightly round.

7. Sew on 10″ strip of 1/2″ elastic, stretching it as you sew (use zigzag or elastic stitch), leaving room for hem.

8. Hem corner or cover elastic with seam binding or a strip of material cut on the bias.

9. Finish hem on cut side of sheet. Judith A. Gile, Richmond, Vermont