Lucy Mack Smith
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“Lucy Mack Smith,” Ensign, Mar. 1978, 43

Lucy Mack Smith

First Place All-Church Poetry Contest

My father wandered labyrinthine ways

Of wars and wealth, of sorrow, earth, and sea

For years, until he fled the darkened maze

To hear his Savior’s call: “Come unto me.”

My sister held the slightest trace of breath.

I trembled fears my faith could not control

Until she rose, so bright, unheld by death.

The Lord had healed her body and my soul.

And now my Joseph’s coming, young and slim,

His brother’s shirt to big, hair out of place,

And breathless he speaks, praising, “I’ve seen Him,”

The suns of planets glowing in his face.

No Gabriel is needed at my door.

I’ve seen such light come resting twice before.

Photography by Casey Buffington