Water from a Basin

    “Water from a Basin,” Ensign, Mar. 1978, 44

    Water from a Basin

    Third Place All-Church Poetry Contest

    How differently the sound of water falling into water,

    As it drops from hands just dipped into a basin,

    Can approach the ear.

    Masquerading in his crimson robes,
    In that instant
    That fell for him forever out of time,
    Heard the water splashing flatly
    With a thickness that to him resembled blood,
    And knew that it would never cleanse him.
    And he shuddered
    As the water twitched and quivered
    In the basin made of gold,
    Mocking and distorting the judicious unconcern
    He had carefully arranged upon his face.

    Laying aside his garments and taking up a towel
    And with the water in a basin made of clay,
    Washed the world’s gray-colored dust
    From the feet of his apostles
    And heard the holy music
    Of the dropping water
    Echo sweetly through the universe
    And saw the ripples spread in perfect circles
    Far beyond the stars
    And through the Spirit felt the approbation
    Of the Father: “Thou art my beloved Son.”

    Photography by Marilyn Erd