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“Mirthright,” Ensign, Mar. 1978, 55


My roommate was preparing some forms for her student teaching packet and asked me to read a short autobiography that listed her activities. I found her qualifications as a teacher were excellent, but she needed more experience in typing: “I have participated in the LDS Church in such areas as MIA Beehive teacher, sports director, and leading the sinning.”

Pam Campbell
Provo, Utah

A nonmember Chinese couple, originally from Hong Kong, have a son who has joined the Church. When he recently expressed his desire to go on a mission, the bishop contacted the parents about it and received the following answer from the father: “Send him to Hong Kong, I pay the bill. Send him anywhere else, you pay the bill.” The son is now on a mission in Hong Kong.

Ray J. Davis
Pocatello, Idaho

A young mother was explaining faith and the power of the priesthood to her five small children. “With enough faith,” she explained, “the power of the priesthood can even move mountains. Your daddy has that priesthood.”

“Does daddy have enough faith?” queried one little girl.

“Well, I don’t know. When he gets home, why don’t you ask him.”

The daughter’s reply was the greatest lesson on faith of all: “Okay. And then maybe we can move some mountains for home evening.”

Narda Wilcox
Jackson, Wyoming

While vacationing in the South, we met a charming and gracious family who invited us to their home for coffee. Before we could make any response our three-year-old exclaimed, “Oh, no! We’re Mormons. We don’t drink coffee—but we do eat lollipops!”

Carol Taylor
St. Louis, Missouri

As we were getting ready to go to church to give our new baby a name and a blessing, my mother was helping my four-year-old son get dressed. “Today,” she said, “we’re going to give your new brother a name.”

“But he already has a name,” said Doug.

“Oh, but now he will be named officially.”

At that, Doug, with great consternation, ran to my wife and exclaimed, “Mom, we’ve got to stop Grandma. She wants to name Nathan ‘O’ Fishly’!”

Wayne G. Geilman
Ogden, Utah

In a recent sacrament meeting the young brother of a newly called missionary was speaking. After a few emotional minutes, he said, “One thing I know for sure—I’ll be missing a brother, but gaining a car!”

Thomas W. Leeds
Bell, California

In Kolob Canyon, high in the mountains above St. George, the Logandale Nevada Stake, formerly the Moapa Stake, used to have property used for outings and girls camp. At the entrance to their property is a sign, “Moapa Stake Campgrounds. No Trespassers. Violators will be converted!”

Faye Vollmer
North Las Vegas, Nevada

In order to prepare for the ward bazaar, I left my five small children with my mother for the day. This time I decided to use my best approach to get them to behave while I was gone. “I’m so thankful that I have such good, dependable children whom I can trust to behave and help Grandma,” I said in a serious tone.

Six-year-old Danny looked up at me innocently and asked, “Mommy, are you bearing your testimony?”

Ada Hadfield
Kaysville, Utah

Our meetinghouse parking space is at a premium, and it’s not unusual for members attending the early meetings to be trapped by the parked cars of those attending the later meetings.

After reminding the congregation to be more considerate and not triple park, our first counselor was handed a note advising him of a car blocking the parking exit.

“It seems that someone wasn’t listening to what I said about triple parking,” he joked. “Would the owner of the car licensed NGF 9—Good grief! That’s my car! Would my wife please move the car?”

J. Bodie
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada