Design a Family Crazy Quilt
April 1976

“Design a Family Crazy Quilt,” Ensign, Apr. 1976, 41

Design a Family Crazy Quilt

Are you wondering what to plan for your next family home evening project? Imagine sharing in a creative and fun crafting experience. Designing your own crazy quilt is easy and inexpensive. Best of all, it is a unique and colorful cover that can be used for years to come!

For this craft, you will need to purchase some fabric crayons. Look for them at a school supply house or hobby shop. Next, choose a synthetic fabric for both top and underside of the quilt. Natural fibers, such as cotton or silk, can be used; however, the colors will fade when washed. Whipped cream fabric is excellent. You will also need a quilting batt and some baby yarn for tying. Last, make sure you have a large supply of white paper on hand.

Now comes the fun part that brings out the artist in everyone. Give each family member several sheets of paper to draw on, and one or two fabric crayons. Children will enjoy drawing lots of flowers, kites, or balloons, but encourage everyone to use their imagination. Perhaps someone will want to draw a family portrait, a picture of your family pet, or your home. All drawings should be free hand. They can be simple or intricate. You may want to use a variety of colors, or just a few.

When your artists are finished, gather the pictures and put your fabric on the ironing pad. Lay the paper pictures face down on the fabric, place another clean piece of paper on top, and with a medium-hot iron transfer the pictures onto the fabric. Iron with a steady pressure until the images of the pictures show slightly visible through the top sheet. Check to see that you are not scorching the fabric.

Cover the quilt top with pictures. If you have an enthusiastic group, cover the underside also.

Now you are ready to put the quilt together. Mother and dad will probably have to secure the quilt to the frames, but even little children can be taught to tie.

When the tying is finished, turn the raw edges of the quilt in and stitch. Perhaps you will want to add a ruffle or use a bright colored bias strip to complete your coverlet.

The finished product will be a bright and cheerful quilt for little ones to snuggle under, or a thoughtful remembrance for grandparents or friends. Candace Smith, Tempe, Arizona