April 1976

“Mirthright,” Ensign, Apr. 1976, 65


“What does this say?” asked six-year-old LaDonna, as she examined a small package.

“It says ‘Dry Yeast,’” I informed her.

“Sometimes they call it a number.”

“Oh, really? What number is that?”

“Eleven! Our Primary teacher told us about how the bread won’t rise if you don’t put any eleven in it.”

Donald E. Matt
Orem, Utah

I returned from a shopping trip to find my fifteen-year-old daughter sweeping up shiny golden curls that lay at the feet of a guilt-ridden preschool barber. I looked in silent dismay at the job my five-year-old son had just completed on himself and two-year-old Renee. The offensive scissors still hung limp in tiny, sweaty hands. Tears of remorse streaked the impish little face. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Exasperated, I moaned, “Oh, Troy, how will I ever get all that beautiful hair to grow back?”

He ducked his once-elegant coif and offered sheepishly, “Couldn’t we water it?”

Delia K. Shore
Logan, Utah

In priesthood meeting one morning, the captain of our softball team announced that an important game was scheduled for the following Thursday evening. When he finished, the welfare committee chairman stood to recruit members for a peach-orchard project planned for the same Thursday night. Since it was necessary that this work be completed by Thursday night, the chairman called on all of the softball players to report to the orchard and said, “Tell your coach you have just been converted to a farm club.”

Douglas R. White
Bountiful, Utah

Our son has three adopted children. A short time ago he and his wife took the most recent addition to the family to the temple to have him sealed to them. The next day his four-year-old asked me, “Grandma, do you know what we did yesterday?”

“No, what did you do?”

“We took Kirk to the temple and had him sewed to us.”

Alfretta Lloyd
Grace, Idaho

As I was chatting with a friend, she mentioned that a mutual friend was going to New York for the Hill Camorah Pageant. My husband, a recent convert, added, “Gee, I hope she wins!”

Kathy Sandoz
Mesa, Arizona

Not long after our marriage, my husband was asked to give an extemporaneous talk in sacrament meeting on our year’s supply of food. He began, “Well, we have a year’s supply of salt. And if Winnie cooks all the beans like the last batch, they’ll last a year, too!”

Winnie Neilson
Canoga Park, California

Recently in our Primary a small child stood up to present the first Article of Faith. [A of F 1:1] In his small voice he said, “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Latter-day Saints.”

Sherry Christensen
Provo, Utah

Returning from a visit to relatives one warm Sunday afternoon, we passed a local drive-in and our daughter said, “Let’s stop and get an ice cream cone.” We explained to her that it was Sunday, and we didn’t buy things on the Sabbath. Disappointed, she remarked, “I wish the Sabbath didn’t always come on Sunday.”

Wylene H. Fotheringham
Salt Lake City, Utah

During a trip to the park, we purchased a small pair of sunglasses for our three-year-old daughter at a souvenir shop. The clerk observed her admiring herself in the mirror, and asked, “Are you a movie star?”

“No,” she replied, “I’m a Sunbeam.”

Dorothy Buckwalter
Salt Lake City, Utah

Illustrated by Richard Brown