Reflections of a Young Mother

    “Reflections of a Young Mother,” Ensign, Apr. 1976, 43

    Reflections of a Young Mother

    I’m tired today

    Because your crying kept

    Me near your bedside through the night.

    Your fevered body sought the solace that

    My arms could give.

    I smiled today

    To see you fold your arms

    While Daddy said the blessing on the food.

    I wonder what your infant-bodied spirit can express

    Besides the form of prayer.

    I’m proud today

    That you can walk

    And that your language tells me of your needs.

    I’ve learned to let you struggle with the difficult;

    That helps you grow.

    I laughed today

    To see you play together putting dolls

    To bed and tiptoeing away.

    Your growing father-daughter love’s a source

    Of happiness to me.

    I prayed today

    In sorrow for a selfish rush

    Of anger to protest some unexpected chore.

    If I can’t give my time to helping you,

    What use is it to me?

    I sleep today

    Content to know the house is clean,

    Your meals prepared, your clothing washed and pressed.

    My weariness of body finds its sweet reward

    In peace of mind and rest.

    Illustrated by April Perry