Church’s Stand on Abortion Given in New Filmstrip
April 1976

“Church’s Stand on Abortion Given in New Filmstrip,” Ensign, Apr. 1976, 78

Church’s Stand on Abortion Given in New Filmstrip

“My brothers and sisters, I want you to know that abortion is wrong.”

This unequivocal statement by President Spencer W. Kimball accompanies a filmstrip and cassette tape presentation on abortion that is to be shown to all English-speaking members of the Church this month and through mid-May.

The filmstrip, Very Much Alive, has been prepared by the Presiding Bishopric’s office under the direction of the First Presidency. It will first be presented by stake presidents to their bishops in the regular bishopric training sessions early this month. Then it will be shown by the bishops to their ward correlation councils, then to the youth of the ward at a special presentation to which parents will be invited. The filmstrip will then be placed in the meetinghouse library for use by ward leaders or individual families as they see fit.

President Kimball’s statement, addressed to all members of the Church as individuals, as parents, and as members of the medical profession is on the reverse side of the cassette that carries the sound for the filmstrip, and deals with abortion related to premarital sex relationships, the expectant mother’s health, rape, and the possibilities of bringing defective children into the world. The President’s statement also stresses the love and forgiveness that can come to those who truly repent of having had an abortion or who have aided or abetted an abortion.

The filmstrip examines these areas and looks at the challenges of maintaining the world’s ecology while providing living space and food for all peoples.

The material is also being prepared for non-English-speaking members of the Church.