New Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook Published

    “New Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook Published,” Ensign, Feb. 1975, 84

    New Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook Published

    A new Melchizedek Priesthood handbook has been printed and is being distributed to the priesthood leaders of the Church.

    The new handbook has several emphases that priesthood leaders will find instructive and helpful:

    1) The handbook provides objectives for priesthood quorum leadership, assisting quorum leaders to see the vision of their responsibilities for training their membership.

    2) The handbook particularly emphasizes the principles of priesthood leadership stewardship in harmony with the statement by the Prophet Joseph Smith, “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.”

    3) The handbook identifies and describes the duties and responsibilities of fathers as leaders, giving strength to the role of the father as a leader in the Church.

    The new volume replaces a number of previously printed guides to priesthood activity: Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook, 1970; Suggestions for Elders Quorum Presidencies and Group Leaders, 1972; Priesthood Home Teaching Handbook of Instructions, 1972; Conducting the Priesthood Home Teaching Evaluation, 1970; and the Priesthood Fellowshipping Handbook, 1972.

    The new handbook sets forth the principles of quorum organization and details the responsibilities of high priests, seventies, and elders quorums in the Church.

    Speaking to priesthood holders, the First Presidency identified the volume’s purpose as that of “guidance and direction,” but urged: “Rely on the inspiration of the Lord and your own resources to solve specific problems that arise in magnifying your callings and in discharging your responsibilities as servants of the Lord.”