Area Conference in Southern South America

    “Area Conference in Southern South America,” Ensign, Feb. 1975, 19

    Area Conference in Southern South America

    Fifty years ago, in 1925, South America was dedicated for missionary work. From a beginning handful of faithful Saints and devoted missionaries, the Church has established itself solidly and now readies itself for a double area conference: one in São Paulo for the Portuguese-speaking Brazilian Saints, February 28, March 1, and March 2; and the second one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 7–9, for the Spanish-speaking Saints of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

    These five countries count among themselves 16 stakes and ten missions. The statistical report for 1973 shows a membership of 128,554; over 7,000 of these members have been baptized within the last year. The Church owns over 100 meetinghouses, with 72 sites selected for possible construction.

    The Church also operates one school in Uruguay and five in Chile. Three Health Services missionaries serve in Brazil, with two others in Uruguay and six in Chile.

    For these Saints, the area conferences will be a milestone. Like Saints around the world, they will have prepared themselves spiritually and made the necessary financial sacrifices to be in attendance at their conference, to be spiritually nourished by the words of their leaders and the General Authorities, many of whom, including President Spencer W. Kimball, share associations of long standing with South American members.

    Map of South America

    66 chapels constructed by the Church
    44,704 members

    1 Campinas Brazil Stake

    2 Curitiba Brazil Stake

    3 Porto Alegre Brazil Stake

    4 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Stake

    5 Santos Brazil Stake

    6 São Paulo Brazil Stake

    7 São Paulo Brazil East Stake

    8 São Paulo Brazil South Stake

    9 São Paulo Brazil West Stake

    10 São Paulo Printing and Distribution Center

    11 Ipoméia Ranch Farm

    42 chapels constructed by the Church
    35,453 members

    12 Buenos Aires Argentina East Stake

    13 Cordoba Argentina Stake

    14 Buenos Aires Argentina West Stake

    15 Mendoza Argentina Stake

    16 Rosario Argentina Stake

    17 Buenos Aires Distribution Center

    32 chapels constructed by the Church in Paraguay
    3 chapels constructed by the Church in Uruguay
    24,665 members in Uruguay
    1,141 members in Paraguay

    18 Montevideo Uruguay East Stake

    19 Montevideo Uruguay West Stake

    20 Montevideo Administration Headquarters

    21 Colegio Moroni (Asunción, Paraguay)

    16 chapels constructed by the Church
    22,591 members

    22 Santiago Chile Stake

    23 Colegio Deseret (Santiago)

    24 Colegio Brisas del Maipo (Santiago)

    25 Colegio David O. McKay (Valparaiso)

    26 Colegio David O. McKay (Quilpué)

    27 Colegio Bio-Bio (Talcahuano)

    28 Lo Herrera Church Schools Farm (San Bernardo, suburb of Santiago)

    29 Colegio David O. McKay (Viña del Mar)

    Membership statistics are based on figures as of 1973.

    Our thanks go to photographers Lamar Berrett, Verden Bettilyon, Tim Boss, LeRoy A. Drechsel, Carl Gibson, Royden J. Glade, Craig Harward, Paul Hayes, Sherman H. Hibbert, Tim Huyck, Warren Luch, Jaime Mella, Bill Nelson, C. Emery Powell, Doug Smith, Manual A. Sueldo, and all the members and missionaries who assisted them.