“Mirthright,” Ensign, Feb. 1975, 73


    On returning home from sacrament meeting where a missionary had spoken, my family sat down for dinner. Turning to my seven-year-old brother, John, Dad asked, “Where would you like to go on your mission?” After some very hard and deliberate thinking, he answered, “Disneyland!”

    Mrs. Shauna Wadley
    Enid, Oklahoma

    A young father, speaking about temple attendance, related the following experience in our sacrament meeting:

    “My wife and I were packing to leave for the temple when our four-year-old daughter came to us. She asked if we were going to the temple again. When my wife assured her that we were, she replied, ‘Boy, you and Daddy sure have to get married a lot, don’t you?’”

    Adena Palmer
    Dayton, Idaho

    Shortly after we were married, my wife and I moved to a new ward. We were asked to speak in a sacrament meeting. My wife spoke first and introduced us to the congregation. She said, “Ron is so special that it is like living with your own General Authority. He is an authority on generally everything!”

    N. Ron Blackham
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Our family was very much aware of the energy crisis. We decided as a family that one of the ways we could conserve energy would be by turning off the television when reruns were playing. The impact of our energy discussion hit home some weeks later when we asked our seven-year-old son what his class had discussed in Sunday School. Unable to think of the word review, he said, “Oh, it was just a rerun.”

    Gary Coates
    Tuolumne, California

    As a bishop, I became concerned when I learned that each member of our Primary presidency was expecting a baby at about the same time. One day I found myself declaring to my wife, “I just don’t know what we’re going to do about the Primary pregnancy.”

    Neil S. Dickson
    Ogden, Utah

    The Provo Relief Society Distribution Center is partitioned into two rooms. One day as I entered to purchase temple clothes, I noticed that the attendants were very busy. When my turn came to be helped, I quickly stated that I wished to buy some temple clothing. The sister, in her desire to move the waiting line along, replied, “Oh, you do all that on the other side.” Somewhat perplexed, I asked, “Can’t they be purchased in this life?”

    Stan Watkins
    Provo, Utah

    One Tuesday as I was busy getting my young family ready for Primary, the telephone rang. I asked my five-year-old son, Jon, to answer it. Using his best telephone etiquette, he answered, “Mormon residence.”

    Marty Watts
    Atascadero, California

    As we were preparing to plant a garden, we told each of our children that he could have a small area to plant for his own. Our four-year-old was delighted with the idea and began to search through the seed packages. He came to a package containing pumpkin seeds with a pumpkin pie on the front of the package. He promptly announced, “I’m going to grow pies!”

    Ned Sweat
    Iona, Idaho