Falling Flannelboard Characters

    “Falling Flannelboard Characters,” Ensign, Jan. 1975, 65

    Falling Flannelboard Characters

    After a three-year search. I’ve finally found the answer to the problem of falling flannelboard characters.

    First, cut the figures out of coloring books, magazines, or teaching kits. Do not mount them on additional paper.

    Lay the characters face down on newspaper and spray the back with mounting adhesive. The adhesive should be the kind that dries sticky, allowing for repositioning.

    Let the adhesive dry for a few seconds, then—here’s the magic ingredient—rub lint from your clothes dryer on the back of the characters. Brush away the excess, and there it is. If the character still falls from the flannelboard, give it a second coat of adhesive and lint.

    Another way to avoid the problem altogether is to draw the characters on a featherweight nonwoven interfacing. They’ll stick on the board by themselves. Dixie Hancock Curtis, Statesboro, Georgia