The Gift of Peace

    “The Gift of Peace,” Ensign, Jan. 1975, 63

    The Gift of Peace

    We can only give ourselves to each other when we keep ourselves giveable. A husband bound down in sin can’t give himself to his wife because he doesn’t have himself to give. A wife who has been enslaved by hate cannot give herself to her husband. Neither can we give righteousness and peace to our children when we don’t have them to give. …

    The best way to get peace is by a personal obedience to the Prince of Peace. The crowning perfection of any good Christian is a clear conscience. With a good program of understanding and a righteous personal devotion, there arises in the soul a serenity and peace far surpassing the most satisfying bodily pleasures. Peace and good will are among the most pleasant of earthly delights. Fortunately, the poor can obtain peace as easily as the rich, the social outcast gets it as freely as the leader of society, and the humblest citizen can have a peace equal to those who wield the greatest political power.

    Elder Sterling W. Sill
    (Christmas Sermons, Deseret Book Company, 1973, pp. 57, 26.)