Pavilion Successful at Expo ’74

    “Pavilion Successful at Expo ’74,” Ensign, Jan. 1975, 76

    Pavilion Successful at Expo ’74

    “Very nice. Well-built pavilion. Very good show.”

    “Yes, I liked it. It was neat. I think it’s true.”

    “A very effective presentation. You have ideas like mine. May the Lord bless you.”

    This is a small sampling of the written response to the Book of Mormon Pavilion at the Spokane, Washington, Expo ’74, by a few of the 323,455 guests who visited it. Although it is expected that missions will still be feeling its effects for months to come as referral cards are processed, pavilion officials are already exuberant about its success.

    In fulfilling a goal to “introduce the Book of Mormon to the world,” 20,357 copies were sold at the pavilion during the six months it was open. Besides the books, 244,100 brochures were distributed, and 53,380 picture post cards of the pavilion were sold.

    Of the 323,455 who attended, representing 60 nationalities, 51,390 nonmembers filled out referral cards asking for additional information. This fulfilled a goal “to introduce the honest in heart to the gospel.” As an example of the boost this is giving missionary work, the Anaheim California Mission wrote pavilion officials, in part: “Many people, when contacted, commented on how beautiful the pavilion was and that it was by far the best exhibit of the fair. Many of the referrals were checked, ‘Yes, I would like to know more about the Mormons.’ Of the referrals we have received, 33 of them are taking the missionary discussions.”

    Besides direct contact, public relations work in connection with the pavilion has reached an unknown number of people. The pavilion’s public relations committee distributed 5,700 press kits to community newspapers, including 7,200 photographs of the Tabernacle Choir, the pavilion, and President Kimball participating in Pioneer Day at the fair.

    Built in the shape of the gold plates, the pavilion had a nine-foot statue of the Angel Moroni in front of it. Whereas most pavilions could be quickly inspected, 45 minutes were required to see everything in the Mormon Pavilion. Visitors viewed archaeological evidences of the Book of Mormon in the film, “Ancient America Speaks.”

    The building has now been dismantled and the Moroni statue has been returned to Salt Lake City.

    Elder Mark E. Petersen addresses a crowd of visitors at Spokane’s Expo ’74.