The Unchanging Things

    “The Unchanging Things,” Ensign, Jan. 1975, 62

    The Unchanging Things

    I am so grateful to belong to a church that does not allow itself to be caught up in the fads and fashions of a particular time or age. Samuel Callan rightly warned that a church which weds itself to the culture of the day will “be a widow within each succeeding age.”

    Indeed, because the Church resists the fads and fashions of a particular age, it is seen by some undiscerning observers as being unresponsive. But the truth is that it is the very sensitivity of the Church to what really matters that keeps it, too, from tumbling off the straight and narrow. It is the very responsiveness of the Church, the sensitivity of the Church, to the unchanging things, to the things that really matter, which gives us our best chance for increasing human happiness and reducing human misery.

    Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Assistant to the Council of the Twelve
    (BYU Devotional talk, January 15, 1974, “Family Perspectives”)